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About Us


Often times what is observable becomes the priority over what is beneath the surface. The success of a student and the habits for success depend on what is beneath the surface. 


Helen Y. Sung, Ph.D.,LEP, the founder of Nature n' Nurture, has conducted research, trained professionals, published her work in Journal of Educational Practice for Social Change, Journal of School-Based Family Counseling, School Psychology International Journal, New Direction for Teaching & Learning, and International Handbook of Psychological Well-Being in Children and Adolescents. 


The vision is to integrate the learning capacity and emotional competence of children through awareness and training of adults in children's lives to provide the experiences, opportunities, modeling, and reinforcement of values and behaviors for higher emotional intelligence. As a result, children and adolescents become better learners for 21st century global society. 




Why Emotional Intelligence?


It is a set of skills for higher human capacity.​


When intelligent people with high emotional intelligence are in leadership positions, they are able to make decisions for the good of most, galvanize the strength of others, have foresight for change, adapt, solve problems, communicate effectively, and make the world a better place. 

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